Whether it’s a wedding or any corporate event, you cannot think of an event without a DJ. These artists make the event more enjoyable. DJs are very popular now and they are competing with mainstream artists. Some DJs are earning more than popular singers. Here we are going to look at the top DJs now around the world. 

Martin Garrix

He is a famous DJ from the Netherlands. He is considered to be one of the top DJs today. He had a passion for music from a very young age and then started playing guitar, slowly developing skills to become a successful DJ and a songwriter.

He experiments with progressive house music. Over the years he has gained immense popularity and today he has millions of social network page followers and fans from around the world.

Armin Van Buuren

Featured image Top 3 DJs In the World Right Now Armin Van Buuren - Top 3 DJs In the World Right Now

He is famous for progressive house singles. From the early age of 14, he started producing music and performed in local bars as well. So far, he has released six studio albums and is one of the best Dutch DJs today. 


Featured image Top 3 DJs In the World Right Now Marshmello - Top 3 DJs In the World Right Now

Marshmello is equally popular for his music and unique appearance. He comes on stage fully covered in white and the symbolic marshmallow face. His real name is Chris Comstock and he is an EDM producer as well.

He often collaborates with other music artists to produce music. Many of his albums were listed as ‘Platinum’ in many countries. These DJs are an inspiration to aspiring DJ artists. They are very popular today and are earning millions of dollars by producing good music and doing live performances. If you want to become a successful DJ, you should follow in their footsteps.